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Xi Lai (or Hsi Lai, as spelled in the White Tigress books) is an author and teacher of Daoism and Daoist practices in the Western United States. He is an American of European descent who has had an interest in Eastern religion from a young age and has gone on to study, translate, write, and teach on the subject for over 30 years.

In the 1980s he had the opportunity to learn from Madame Lin, the teacher of the White Tigress teachings in China. She gave him the opportunity to translate the collection of texts that Tigresses have followed for centuries. Madame Lin was concerned about the future of the Tigress tradition in China and wanted a book to be written in English to share the traditions with a greater number of people from all around the world.

Xi Lai is the spiritual name given by Madame Lin, and Xi Lai and Madame Lin decided that he should use his spiritual name as his pen name to protect the identities of everyone involved with the teachings in China. For the same reason, we have decided to use the spiritual names of our instructors on this website. However, once you begin learning with us, we will be on a first-name basis.

Xi Lai is currently involved with primarily meditative practices, but would like to continue to help those who want to learn more about this wonderful tradition. He is assisted in teaching by our two instructors whose spiritual names are Bao Mei and Bao Dao. Bao Mei is his wife who has been studying the White Tigress teachings with him for five years, and Bao Dao has been studying and working with Xi Lai for 20 years.

Xi Lai founded Dao Vital Energies in 2010 in order to present the restoration teachings in greater depth for those who want to continue their learning of the White Tigress and Jade Dragon teachings.